Are you serious about reaching English fluency?

As an adult English language learner, you’ve got very little time for busy work and disconnected or overly formal English lessons.

Learning English should be a straightforward process, but it is often just the opposite! What should you study, and when should you study it? And how do you learn the logic of how Americans “break the rules” to make a point?

But it doesn’t have to be such a time-consuming challenge. In fact, with the right strategy, you can make efficient progress toward English fluency in as little as an hour a day.

12-Month Track


  • Learn about how to use FFT
  • Meet the teachers: Josh and Amber
  • Introduce yourself
  • Take the FFT English assessment


  • Work with Josh or Amber to set realistic goals and stepping stones
  • Learn about American small talk culture
  • Gain thorough speaking feedback
  • Get your personalized syllabus for the rest of FFT


  • Follow your personalized syllabus to get rid of bad habits
  • Refresh your understanding of proper grammar
  • Learn the fundamentals of spoken grammar and how that compares to proper grammar
  • Immediately apply what you learn in assignments, exercises, and live group calls


  • Learn advanced English grammar
  • Contextualize spoken grammar to various contexts
  • Gain advanced tools and strategies to engage native material
  • Practice using what you learn in advanced and native material


  • Apply the corrected habits and advanced English you’ve learned so far to native material
  • Learn the basics of writing anything in English
  • Gain advanced reading strategies and apply them
  • Engage in more advanced tasks
  • Attend group meetings to practice small group discussions


  • Engage native material with the skills you have acquired
  • Get outside your English comfort zone
  • Use integrated skills to solve problems
  • Learn to wield prediction, interpretation, and nuances in English
  • Refine your pronunciation
  • Gain a deep understanding of American culture
  • Meet in advanced discussion groups

Get on the Fast Track

Stop putting improving your English off. Sign up for Fluency Fast Track and learn how to communicate in American English competently and confidently–and all within an hour a day!

Meet the Teachers

Josh and Amber have been teaching English for the last 10 years. They have studied a total of three languages in various methods, including immersing themselves in China while learning Mandarin.

While living in China certainly helped, it also created a huge problem: Chinese people didn’t speak classroom or textbook Mandarin! Moreover, there was no resource or program that taught Mandarin the way the locals spoke it, so Josh and Amber had to learn by listening and mimicking.

Fast forward a few years, Josh and Amber began private tutoring adults online who had lived in America for 10+ years, and yet were far from fluent. They had already passed the classes and exams, but they struggled to participate and be understood in group discussions and meetings.

So, Josh and Amber combined their unique language skills, expertise, and data from hundreds of private tutoring hours to create Fluency Fast Track with the goal of serving busy adult English language learners who are ready to strive for fluency.


Specializes in English grammar, writing, reading strategies, and detailed feedback.


Specializes in English conversation strategies, pronunciation, out-of-the-box thinking, and business.

Why Fluency Fast Track?

You shouldn’t have to buy lots of courses, textbooks, and tutoring hours to reach English fluency.

Yes, hours of practice is necessary to become fluent. BUT, memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules endlessly is not an effective way to reach English fluency.

You can use English like a native if you have the right strategy and the right support.

That’s why we built Fluency Fast Track — to give you everything you need to finally reach English fluency (at an affordable price).

With the right tools, sufficient practice, live opportunities, and an efficient study plan, you will be on your way.

Ready to get onto the fast track to English fluency? We can’t wait to see you there!

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