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No-Nonsense Tutoring

You’ve already got the program to guide you to fluency; you just need that extra direct communication practice and accountability.

Our no-nonsense tutoring includes:

  • full tutoring hours (30 or 60-minute slots)
  • homework designed for YOU
  • detailed pronunciation and spoken grammar feedback after EACH class
  • conversation strategy practice
  • challenges in various speaking contexts
  • deep grading (what, why, how)
  • paralanguage coaching
  • unlimited email support
  • cross-cultural professional communication coaching
  • custom-built curriculum

Best of all, you can meet as often as we or one of our amazing tutors are available!

You can even switch between highly-experienced tutors for practice with different teaching styles, speaking habits, and strengths. We all use the same standardized feedback and reporting process, so you will always know your progression.

*Couples or families may share the same bundle of hours. Please contact Amber at to ensure each family member’s name and email contact information is recorded for homework and feedback.

FFT Tutoring Guarantee

You will never lose purchased tutoring hours. Class hours never expire.

Private Tutoring to Level Up Your Learning

Homework designed just for you
Meet as often as you would like
Speak in natural conversation
Challenging topics
Spoken grammar feedback
Pronunciation feedback
Detailed email report after class
Deep grading and feedback
Regular milestone evaluations
Ask us to evaluate your writing
Personalized curriculum
Unlimited email support

Choose your plan

Private tutoring is only available when you see this pricing table. We only take on a small number of private tutoring students at a time to ensure they get the attention they need.


$ 40
per class

5-Hour Bundle

$ 38
per class

10-Hour Bundle

$ 35
per class

Private Tutoring FAQ

60 minutes!

Though many tutoring programs out there count an “hour” as 50 minutes, we take our mini-break after your 60-minute class.

Your English goals, time available for studying between classes, and drive factor into what you get from each class.

However, every private tutoring student receives the following:

  • detailed email report of class content
  • spoken grammar mistakes and corrections
  • pronunciation mistakes and corrections
  • list of new terms and idioms from the conversation
  • homework due by the next class

What kind and how much homework you receive depends on you, so we will hash that out in your first week!

Yes! We are more than happy to assist you by giving an honest evaluation of your written English from school or work (or personal project).

If it is an extensive project that requires a lot of editing, we may reach out about spending a class hour on it live with you or settle on an hourly editing rate to compensate our time.

We often edit documents for our students and do not charge extra unless it takes a lot of time outside of class.

If you are not sure how long your document may take, just ask! We’d be happy to look over it briefly and let you know what it needs and how much time it would take us to perfect it.

Private tutoring is very expensive compared to Fluency Fast Track because we spend an additional 1 – 3 hours outside of your live class hour working for you (that’s 1 – 3 hours per live class hour).

So the rate you pay “per hour” is actually per 2 – 4 hours of our time doing the following for each class hour:

  • preparing for class with you
  • creating homework assignments to strengthen your weak points
  • designing a curriculum that fits your goals, availability, and ability
  • answering your emails
  • grading your homework
  • compiling written class notes into a detailed post-class report
  • researching your native language to understand how to help you better

We do for you what we want a tutor to do for us in learning other languages. Our students so far have greatly benefited from this work, so we are determined to keep up the good work!

Yes! On the Tutoring page, you can see two schedules: one for 25-minute meetings and one for 1-hour meetings.

If you need to meet for 30 minutes, just sign up for a 25-minute chat, and we will work together for a full 30 minutes, and we will only count half an hour on our class tracker. 

And, just as with a full 1-hour class, you will receive an email report with spoken grammar corrections, noted mispronunciations, new terms, and new homework.

You can take the other half hour next time! We usually have a few students who only meet for half-hour blocks. So a 10-hour bundle becomes 20 thirty-minute classes!

Hey, life happens! If you can’t make it to class on time, just shoot us a message via email, FFT, or Slack.

If schedules allow, we can meet once you arrive or finish whatever time is left in your slot (i.e. count only half an hour for a 30-minute conversation). Or we can reschedule the day and time entirely.

Once you’ve paid for class hours, you will get them!

Most of our available teaching hours are Monday – Friday from 6am – 6pm.

Depending on how many private tutoring students we have and where they are in the world, this schedule may change slightly to accommodate those who need different times.

You can check the calendar here for our availability this month or reach out to Amber via email to ask specific scheduling questions before you buy tutoring hours (

Yes! Just send an email to before purchasing to let us know that two or more family members will be splitting the cost of one class bundle.

This is okay (we understand!), but we need to ensure that we keep our notes and class tracker organized properly to reflect your arrangement.

Multiple people sharing the same tutoring bundle can become complicated quickly, especially if everyone is using the same email address. So communicating often about who is meeting with us when will be important!

No! Once you’ve purchased private tutoring hours, they are yours.

We encourage our students to meet for at least one hour a week to keep moving forward with fresh practice, but interruptions happen.

Just send us an email if you need to pause live classes for a few weeks–we’ll start up again when you are ready!

Yes! If there are times available on the tutoring scheduler, then you may absolutely meet with us more than once a week!

Sign up for what you can handle each week 🙂

Private Tutoring Student Reviews

Tutoring Student
Read More
Amber is patient, smart, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her ability to breakdown complex problems and make grammar easy to understand.
Tutoring Student
Read More
I love my lessons with Josh, he goes the extra mile to help identify your weak points and fix any mistakes in your speech. He knows his stuff and he has extensive experience helping others so you got someone who will work with you until you get it right. He's simply the best.
Tutoring Student
Read More
Amber helped me a lot proofreading, cutting words and with citations. I would definitely recommend working with her to anyone.
Tutoring Student
Read More
I asked Amber to teach my brother and i watch and listen to her classes sometimes and the way how she teaches English . Amber is really good teacher. Her accent is very clear especially for beginner as my brother. She is also willing to give as much homework as you need. she also focus on what area you need to improve in learning English. She is also very friendly and fast respond.
Tutoring Student
Read More
I asked Josh to help in math, especially for word problems, for my 10-Year old daughter. My daughter loved the first lesson she had with him and asked me to continue with him herself! This was pretty amazing, since kids tend to despise tutor times, especially in math. Josh is a real treasure!
Tutoring Student
Read More
She have a good material to practice with. She will focus in your needs and make you practice enough until see you improve. We worked grammar, talked about speaking and review essays. I learn something interesting every time that we meet.
Tutoring Student
Read More
I have been working with Amber on going from functional fluency to mastery. Amber has a way of taking things as massive and intangible as culture and history and breaking it down into little, interconnected bits that I can truly understand and apply to my life in America. From speech to pronunciation to professional writing to deepening cultural know-how, Amber has been an amazing tutor!
Tutoring Student
Read More
I asked Josh to work with me on small talk, business English, and American culture. He has not only enlightened me on these topics but also has connected it to my culture in a way that helps me do international business better. Thank you!
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