3 Principles to Reach English Fluency
in Less Than an Hour Every Day

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Frequently Asked Questions

You want to go from high-intermediate to fluent English within a few months so you can use FFT to accomplish your personal goals!

Fluency Fast Track is your central hub for American English practice from real Americans. Strengthen your English foundation while practicing Fluency Concepts — how do Americans really speak?

Joining Fluency Fast Track is the first step toward English fluency and the ability to use English to create the opportunities you seek. When you join, you will have access to ALL of our Fluency Concepts, LIVE weekly coaching sessions, our member community, and professional feedback from real American English teachers.

Fluency Fast Track is about exercising the English you know now, strengthening your weaknesses, giving you a new strategy for learning English, and helping you practice real English as you reach for fluency.

Each Fluency Concept is a step toward fluency. You will achieve some of the following:

  • Use English verb tenses and moods comfortably
  • Understand and use minor sentences in speaking
  • Know lots of English idioms and when to use them
  • Use acceptable English
  • Understand how to read the situational context
  • Comprehend reading material with the same strategies native speakers use
  • Learn new English like an advanced speaker
  • Listen to natural English easily
  • Speak the way we speak
  • Know the difference between proper and spoken grammar — and use it well!

Fluency Fast Track is NOT for everyone. Membership is for motivated high-intermediate English language learners who are ready to take action to improve their English for fluency.

If you want to become fluent in English in a few weeks, Fluency Fast Track is not for you. As a member, you will learn real American English in various nuances and contexts efficiently and effectively. BUT it is going to be hard work, and it is not going to happen in a couple of weeks.

Are you looking for real American English spoken at a natural speed with exercises to ensure you comprehend the meaning well? Then Fluency Fast Track is designed for you!

Honestly, the time it will take depends entirely on you and the time you pour into the assignments and exercises. However, we have done the work to ensure you are not wasting your precious time learning old grammar rules or words we hardly use.

We do not want you to stay forever — we want you to finish the Fluency Concepts, practice real English, think like a native English speaker, and graduate Fluency Fast Track as quickly as possible.

We love our students, but we want to see them reach their English goals so that they don’t need us anymore as teachers (we’d love to stay in touch as friends!).

So, you do not have to stay for a long time, and you can cancel your membership at any time. Just send us an email at amber@waiguofriendsenglish.com, and we will help you out. After you cancel, you will continue to have access until the end of the period you paid for.

Within the first month, you will know where you are, what you need to work on, have a realistic goal, and have a personalized syllabus laid out for you.

AND you will have completed the American Small Talk speaking challenge. So, you will see lots of adjusting in the first month, but month two is where the real work begins.

We are constantly adding to and refining FFT. But don’t worry, you will have access to EVERYTHING we add to FFT.

Once you are in Phases 2 – 5, you may opt for private tutoring or group classes with us. However, this is NOT required for FFT, and you will have access to us via email, Slack, and live weekly office hour meetings. Moreover, we meet twice a month for FFT Hangout.

FFT is too fast for beginners and low intermediate English learners. It is also not designed for kids or teenagers, so the subject matter would be over their heads.

High advanced learners should meet with Josh or Amber privately for an evaluation of their current English skills to determine whether the later phases in FFT would help them or not.

FFT is designed for students to show up more than once a week to receive the quickest and best results. You’ve got to consistently hammer out bad habits and replace them with correct habits.

Imagine only dieting for one day a week! It doesn’t work. Language learning (or any skill learning) is the same.

You can either 1) sign up for our waitlist and wait until we open the doors again, 2) or sign up today and start when you are ready. You can catch up later.

Signing up today will lock in the current monthly rate–you will never pay a higher subscription fee, and FFT will simply get better and better over time!

YES! You will have direct email and Slack access to us. Moreover, we will be the ones grading your homework and providing feedback on how you are doing.

You will be directed via email to FFT, where you can login and get started with the Fast Starter course in Phase 0.

Well, that depends on you. Are you willing to spend more time on the foundation lessons before moving into the more complex ones?

Our foundational lessons begin at an intermediate level but quickly progress to high-intermediate and low-advanced. This design ensures students have a solid intermediate foundation before learning advanced and fluent material.

However, if you struggle to understand this answer to your question, Fluency Fast Track is probably not right for you yet. We don’t want you to feel frustrated and overwhelmed at the level of English we use. Once our free resources at waiguofriendsenglish.com and the WaiGuo Friends English YouTube channel are relatively easy to understand, you will be ready to join Fluency Fast Track. We hope to see you around!

Fluency Fast Track has lots of lessons, exercises, and practices for advanced English speakers (3 whole phases)!

You will gain valuable insights into your own English and contextually appropriate idioms, phrases, and spoken grammar.

If you are a high-advanced English speaker who only struggles with the occasional mispronunciation or misunderstanding, then consider our 1-on-1 tutoring services instead.

Questions? Contact Us!

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